Xiaomi Nepal Biggest Giveaway 100 Redmi Earbud

Xiaomi Nepal Biggest Giveaway Ever

Xiaomi Nepal Biggest Giveaway

Xiaomi Nepal Biggest Giveaway: Xiaomi Nepal announces the biggest giveaway #Xiaomi_Nepal_Biggest_Giveaway ever in the history of Nepal on the completion of 70,00,00 members on the Facebook Page. They are organizing a giveaway chance to win 100 Redmi Earbuds for lucky 100 Mi fans.

Exciting right, Be with us.

So, How to participate??

This is an open Xiaomi Nepal Biggest Giveaway ever in the history of Nepal by Xiaomi Nepal, so the competition is high. Xiaomi Nepal says “We will 50 from our Facebook Page, 10 from our Instagram and 10 from our Twitter handle and the rest will be from our most blogger partners associated with us”.

So, you can share, like Xiaomi Nepal Facebook Page or Instagram or Twitter Page.

So are you ready to WIN ? If yes, here is how!

  1. Tag three friends in the comments section and type #ILoveRedmiEarbuds
  2. Like this post and our page
  3. SHARE this post on your Facebook wall. Keep the privacy as ‘PUBLIC’

You can directly to the Xiaomi Nepal Facebook Page by clicking the below link: https://www.facebook.com/XiaomiNepal

If you are twitter person then click here: https://twitter.com/XiaomiNepal

If you are an Instagram person click here: https://www.instagram.com/minepalofficial/?hl=en

Official Website of Xiaomi Nepal: https://xiaominepal.com.np/

Go to their Facebook Page, Instagram Page, or Twitter Page to Tag three friends and to like and share their page.

Xiaomi Nepal Biggest Giveaway

Xiaomi Nepal Company Overview

Company Overview Xiaomi is a mobile internet company dedicated to creating an all aspect user experience. Founded in 2010, the company has fast become one of the leading tech firms in China. The company is currently valuated at over 10 billion USD and has over 3000 employees. Our Culture “Just for fans” is the slogan of Xiaomi as every step of the way is led by our hardcore fans.

Amongst our staff, many were initially a fan of Xiaomi products before they decided to join us. Not only do we have a passionate team but we all have the same attitude: the relentless pursuit of perfection. So, we constantly refine and enhance what makes the best user experience possible.

We are also a team that is fearless when it comes to trying out new concepts that break tradition and push boundaries. It is with this mentality and dedication, combined with the support of Xiaomi fans that has made Xiaomi products so unique.

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