World’s First-Ever Space Hotel

World’s First-Ever Space Hotel Opening in 2027 Will Cost Rs 36 Crores for 3 Days

World’s First-Ever Space Hotel Opening in 2027 Will Cost Rs 36 Crores for 3 Days. Scientists are making new discoveries in space every day. When a new planet is discovered, when there is a plan to settle there.

If you dream of eating and having fun in the middle of Tara Jun, it is not far away now. Because by 2027, a well-equipped hotel will open in space. The hotel will be named Voyager Class Space Station. Renowned designing company Artible Assembly Corporation has shared a model of a hotel to be built in space by 2027. The construction of the hotel is said to start in 2025 and will be completed in two years.

The space hotel will be built in a large circle. It will have facilities including bedroom, bar, restaurant, spa, cinema hall, gymkhana. The hotel will have the same facilities as the five-star hotel. All the structures of the hotel will be prepared on earth and completed in space. The hotel will be called Voyager Class Space Station. Due to which artificial gravity will be maintained in it. That is, gravity will be maintained in it like in the moon.

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Some circles will be added to the space station where the hotel is located and will be provided to NASA for research. Special attention will be paid to gravity inside the hotel so that the guests do not feel any discomfort. From inside the hotel, people will be able to observe the universe. The hotel can accommodate up to 400 people at a time.

World's First-Ever Space Hotel
World’s First-Ever Space Hotel

How much will it cost for the luxury trip to space?

As of now, only billionaires can think of going on this luxury trip by spending around $5 million (INR 36,42,46,750) for only a 3 ½ day-long trip. Even though the sum sounds hefty, it is grandly cheaper than the current price a civilian has to pay to visit the Space Station. You will need $55 million (INR 4,00,83,09,250) to book a seat on Elon Musk’s SpaceX flight to the International Space Station, and you won’t even get a spa.

The Voyager Station will be equipped with all the facilities and luxuries you can expect from a 5-star hotel on Earth; including a gym, spa, gourmet food, comfortable rooms, and washrooms — and a “world tour” right outside your window. Maybe, the worlds of science fiction pioneers like Arthur C. Clarke or Isaac Asimov will become a reality someday, and even regular, non-billionaire residents of Earth could spend their vacations on the Moon, Mars, or Space Hotels like Voyager.

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