Will the world tolerate Trillionaire?

Will the world tolerate Trillionaire?

Will the world tolerate Trillionaire? Are you ready to tolerate trillionaire? $1,000,000,000,000 (12 zeros). Imagine that in your bank account.

It is quite possible that we already do tolerate a trillionaire. “The Rothschild Family has an estimated net worth of $350 billion-$2 trillion.” This incredible amount of wealth is from involvement in the world’s international, central banking system.

Do we tolerate Trillionaire?

Yes, we do because of their extreme amount of wealth they have an incredible degree of influence in the world financially, politically, medically, ethically, etc.

The next public figure with a trillion dollars will be extremely powerful. Imagine someone ten times wealthier than Jeff Bezos. Ultimately, I think we have to tolerate a trillionaire because we simply can’t beat them. They have the financial ability to overpower billionaires, even countries.

Will the world tolerate Trillionaire?
Will the world tolerate Trillionaire?

There will also be an outrage against this trillionaire. Just like the 1% of the world receive hate, this factor will only be multiplied for a trillionaire that owns more wealth than those among the 1%. Just imagine the taxes this individual has to pay!

There is a consistent thread that claims the Rothschild family’s net worth is $500 trillion. The Rothschilds are not a main public figure like some billionaires of the world. They choose to be kept out of the limelight.

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What about the world’s public trillionaire?

What about the world’s public trillionaire? Someone who earned his/her wealth in the classic rags-to-riches story possibly? Well when that happens, I think this trillionaire will be celebrated. An absolute idol who earned his/her wealth by revolutionizing the world. I think the next trillionaire will be artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality tech entrepreneurs.

The world will know this trillionaire’s name. I also believe for some weird reason it will probably be a female. Now she will intimidate billionaires, be able to shake up the market, and be a very young trillionaire. All in all, I believe she will shock the world when she gives away all her wealth when she passes.

The world is changing. When someone finally hits that next level of zeroes, we will look at billionaires just like we look at millionaires today. All it takes to create the next community of trillionaires overnight is for the first person to set the example.

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