What makes Black Pink unique from others?

What makes Black Pink unique from other Kpop groups?

Black Pink is unique from other K-pop groups in a lot of ways. A person may not be a fan of K-pop but will listen to Black Pink. Let’s examine some of the reasons why this group is different from the rest.

Think about these points for a moment:

  • Lisa, Jisoo, Rosé, and Jennie- all of them come from either a higher middle class OR an affluent family. Rosé and Jennie were brought up abroad, Lisa was planning to go to the West if I’m not mistaken. Jisoo’s father was the CEO of a big company and I think they even offered to send her to Florida, which she declined in order to become an idol.
  • All of them possess great visuals- love or hate BlackPink, their faces match most of the standards for a pretty face either by Korean standards or Western standards.
  • Well-rounded: Lisa has rapping and dancing abilities, Jennie’s great in producing, singing, and rapping, Rosé knows instruments, is proficient in songwriting, and an above-average vocalist, not to mention her amazing natural dancing skills. Jisoo is a stable vocalist and songwriter (she wrote the Korean version for Clarity).

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  • Language proficiency: Everyone except Jisoo has an at least intermediate grasp of English, with Rosé and Jennie being fluent, Lisa somewhat so. Jisoo has potential and has been improving exponentially. They know Japanese as well. Lisa’s native language is Thai. This enables them to connect with a wider range of audiences and gives them an advantage in the Western industry.
  • Their music: Formulaic, but pretty and sparkly. EDM, bubblegum pop, trap, and ballads- they’ve done it all. Teddy has a big part to play in why people seem to like BlackPink songs so much, obviously. Here’s something that’s purely my opinion: Blackpink songs are songs ONLY BlackPink can sing. Nobody else.
  • Their Aura: Fashionista, Diva type of aura is what I’ve noticed comes from them. Their speech, movements, and style in interviews, if you notice, come off as aristocratic and graceful. They carry themselves in a way most people can’t. If it’s just their natural habit or if they fake it- I don’t really know.

Partner with YG Entertainment

Another reason is that black Pink has signed with YG entertainment

. YG is a company which is known to produce groups with a unique style and swag. The company places a strong emphasis on Hip Hop and R&B. Some iconic groups and artists that YG produced are Big Bang, 2NE1, CL, PSY, and Park Bom. YG artists have a different flavor and flair about them.

Another reason, I can mention is the girl crush concept. It suits the black Pink. Some people are not into the cute concept and would gravitate towards black Pink because of the girl crush concept. It’s more mature and really compliments their personalities.

What makes Black Pink unique from others?
What makes Black Pink unique from others?

Black Pink Catchy Songs

The next reason apart from my very long lists of reasons is black pink has catchy songs and visually appealing music videos. 

  • DDU-DU DDU-DU has 895 million views.
  • Boombayah-661 million views.
  • Whistle -399 million views.
  • Playing with fire -416 million views.
  • Like your last -645 million views.
  • Kill this love -503 million views.
  • Dynamite – 662 views

Now why these videos have so many views? The production of black Pink music videos is of the highest quality. The cinematography, outfits, and the girl’s make-ups are outstanding. You can see that YG invests a lot of money when it comes to Black Pink music videos.

Black Pink Don’t Release much music

In addition, their songs are addictive. Unlike other groups, Black Pink doesn’t release much music, but whenever they drop a song, it’s an instant hit. YG tends to favor quality, rather than quantity when comes to Black Pink.

Black Pink – fluent with the English Language

My final reason why I think black Pink is unique from other groups is that most members have a strong command of the language. Jennie and Rosé are fluent in English. Lisa is multilingual. She speaks her native tongue which is Thai and can also speak in Korean, Japanese to an extent, and English. She has no problem having a conversation in English with a native English speaker.

Jisoo is the only member who is not fluent in English, but she is improving. Overtime with more practice and the help of her bandmates, she can achieve fluency. Whenever Jisoo speaks English, fans found it to be adorable. This strong command of the English language, allows black Pink to connect with international fans, thus, increase their popularity in Korea and abroad.

Whenever you speak to someone in their native language, a closer connection and bond is established. People in the UK and the US loves this group. If you managed to read this, I want to say thank you. I know it was a long read, but I wanted to go into details about what makes black Pink unique from other groups.

BLACK PINK OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/blackpinkofficial/

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