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Voice for Justice

“I am raising my voice for child survivors of sexual exploitation in Nepal and worldwide. Because Renuka is not the only one, unfortunately. Join me and support the fight against impunity. Give child survivors the courage to bring perpetrators to justice.”

Anuradha Koirala, Founder, Maiti Nepal.

Donate your voice for justice at https://voiceforjustice.freeagirl.com/home

Voice for Justice, Anuradha Koirala
Voice for Justice, Anuradha Koirala
Support free a girl, Anuradha Koirala
Support Free A Girl
Maiti Nepal
Anuradha Koirala, Maiti Nepal

Every year more than 15,000 Nepali Girls are sexually exploited, but afraid to file a lawsuit. You can donate your voice to women around the world to fight the sexual exploitation of children and impunity.

Voice for Justice is dedicated to encouraging sexually exploited girls to fight against racism. Please donate your voices to Join forces with women around the world to fight the sexual exploitation of children and impunity.

Free a Girl is dedicated to fighting the sexual exploitation of children and impunity. We rescued more than 4,700 minor girls worldwide. 

As well as rescues, we focus on prevention, tackling impunity, lobbying and advocacy, and rehabilitating and reintegrating the girls. Free a Girl works with fourteen partner organizations in Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Iraq, Laos, Nepal, the Netherlands, and Thailand.

Also, Donate Maiti Nepal: Your small help can change their lives every day.

About Free a Girl

Free a Girl creates a world without commercial exploitation of children.

Free a Girl Foundation was founded in 2008 by Arjan Erkel, Yolanthe Cabau, Roelof van Laar and Evelien Hölsken.

Free a Girl uses the salary scale developed by the Dutch government (Civil Servants’ Pay Decree/BBRA). In addition, all of Free a Girl’s employees and partners sign up for a travel policy and an anti-corruption and fraud policy.

Free a Girl subscribes to the Partos code of conduct established on 6 November 2012. Reporting is done in accordance with the Dutch guideline “Richtlijn 650 Fondsenwervende organisaties”. Management remuneration is done in accordance with the Dutch guideline “Regeling belonging directeuren van goededoelenorganisaties”.

Free A Girl
Free A Girl

The organization consists of paid and unpaid employees. A total of 9 FTEs are employed.

Anne de Jonge – Project Officer

Anne Vis – Marketing & Communication Officer

Anne Wensveen – Programme Officer

Dana Tehubijuluw – Junior Mediadesigner

Evelien Hölsken – CEO & Chairman of the Board

Floris van der Stoep – Programme Officer

Nicole Franken – Campaign Manager

Talinay Strehl – Programme Officer

Yolande Peltenburg – Head of Human Resource & Operations


Foundation Free a Girl was founded status in 2008 by Arjan ErkelEvelien Hölsken, Roelof van Laar and Yolanthe Cabau. The founding was made possible by a donation from Bas Consultancy. Arjan Erkel contributes as a fundraiser, Evelien Hölsken has no secondary positions, Roelof van Laar contributes as an advisor and Yolanthe Cabau is an honorary member of the Supervisory Board.


The Supervisory Board oversees the substantive and financial policy and developments within the organization. The regulations of the Supervisory Board can be found here.

The remuneration committee and audit committee adhere to these regulations when preparing for the Supervisory Board’s decision-making. The following individuals sit on the Supervisory Board (in alphabetical order):

Mr. H.G. Klinkhamer  Chair
Member since 16-04-2014
Managing Partner, Apartments Group Ltd
No additional functions

Mrs L.M. van der Helm  Member
Member since 06-03-2018
Director, SIRE (Stichting Ideële Reclame)
Board member, DDMA (Dutch Data-driven Marketing Association) and food entrepreneur

Mrs. M. Mellema  Member
Member since 30-05-2017
Owner, 2Skye reorganization specialists
No additional functions

Mr. M. Witvliet  Vice-chair
Member since 29-11-2016
No additional functions

Mrs. S. Kersten van Santen  Member
Member since 11-09-2018
Chair of the parents’ council of Altijd Lente daycare

Mrs. Y. Cabau  Honorary member
Member since 08-03-2012
Founder, actress, model, presenter


Free a Girl’s Committee of Recommendation is chaired by Junior Zegger, and its members are Petra Goldschmeding and Rattan Chadha. They give their wholehearted support to the organization and play a key role in Dutch society. The committee members give extra cachet to Free a Girl in both a personal and a professional capacity. Free a Girl makes grateful use of their networks, experience, and expertise.


Free a Girl receives support from accountants, notaries and lawyers.

  • Accountant: Q-Concepts, Capelle aan den IJssel
  • Notary: Jan Willem Stouthart, Holland Law, The Hague
  • Legal advice: Antoine Endtz, Nextius legal Ltd
  • Legal advice: Shasta Rotscheid, Cleerdin & Hamer Advocaten


Free a Girl fights the sexual exploitation of children.


We strive for a world free of sexual exploitation of children. Every child has the right to grow up in a safe environment. All children around the world must be protected against every form of exploitation.


  • Action-oriented. We take action to prevent and fight the sexual exploitation of minors. If necessary, we shake up established systems.
  • Results-oriented. Free a Girl is a professional organization with objectives that we strive to achieve. This is something we also expect from our partners.
  • Effective. We’ve proven ourselves since the organization was founded twelve years ago. There are now places where hardly any minor girls are abused anymore, more people in local communities are aware of human trafficking practices, and 4,500 girls have been rescued from brothels in Asia. Thousands of girls can now look forward to the future again.
  • Transparent. We are open about how we work and our operational management. Figures, facts, and activities are recorded each year in the annual report, which is also published on the website.
  • Distinctive. Free a Girl is a small organization with global ambitions. We can respond quickly, compared to other organizations, and we are not afraid to speak out.


  • Prevention: raising awareness among communities susceptible to human trafficking, and vulnerable families with at-risk children who may fall victim to human trafficking for sexual exploitation. Gender equality capacity-building for young people, bringing partners together in the fight against child sexual exploitation.
  • Rescues: undercover investigations (both online and on-site), evidence-gathering, rescue operations.
  • Tackling impunity: legal advice, help with reporting crimes, preparation for court sessions.
  • Rehabilitation: childcare, treatment for trauma, life-skills education and vocational training, medical care.
  • Reintegration: house visits, raising awareness within communities, fighting stigma, and helping victims to find alternative sources of income, monitoring, preventing regression to situations of exploitation.
  • Lobbying & advocacy: campaigning to focus the attention of governments and judicial bodies in program countries on child prostitution, e.g. the School for Justice, and advocating for the implementation of national and international children’s rights legislation.

Learn more on Manisha Koirala Cancer Education Fund (MKCEF)

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