Trump bans Chinese apps – 8 Apps

Trump Bans Alipay and 7 Other Chinese Apps

Trump Bans Chinese apps Including Alipay and 7 Other Chinese Apps. US President Donald Trump, who will step down on January 21, has issued an executive order banning eight Chinese apps at the end of his term.

On Tuesday, Trump issued an executive order banning transactions with eight Chinese apps. In addition, Alibaba’s AliPay, Tencent’s QQ Wallet, and WeChatPay will be banned from trading in the United States.

Cam Scanner, Shareit, Vimeo, and WPS Office apps have also been banned. Trump’s executive order is expected to take effect 45 days after he leaves office.

Why did Trump Bans these Chinese Apps?

Trump’s previous ban on Chinese apps has not been implemented, and the latest order is expected to be implemented. Earlier, the Trump administration’s ban on Wichita was lifted by a court. But the ban has not been lifted following a court order.

Trump bans Chinese apps - 8 Apps
Trump bans Chinese apps – 8 Apps

Trump said in an executive order issued by Gray on Tuesday that. “The continued activities of China and its ruling Communist Party to obtain or steal personal information of US citizens have made it clear. That its main goal is to collect large amounts of data to promote China’s economic and national security agenda.” Yes. ‘

Analysts say Trump’s move is aimed at irritating China and forcing it to retaliate. Further straining US-China relations and tying the hands of future President Joe Biden.

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The Biden administration will definitely review this and other executive orders issued by Trump to ban Chinese apps. But analysts say that if Trump’s executive orders are implemented in the future, it will affect US companies in China.

Before handing over power to Biden, Trump has been making hasty decisions to put pressure on Chinese companies.

Last month, the United States imposed sanctions on state-owned Chinese chip maker SMIC and others. It recently issued a new law that would remove Chinese companies that do not meet US audit criteria from being listed on the US Stock Exchange.

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