Sujita Bhandari’s murder or suicide?

Sujita Bhandari’s murder or suicide? Sujita Bhandari, 23, of Rapti Municipality-3 in Chitwan had left home nine days ago. According to Didi Kavita, the previous evening she had told him to go to a friend’s house to get vegetables. When Kavita woke up in the morning, her sister was not at home. She thought, ‘Sujita has gone to get vegetables.’

Sujita Bhandari's murder or suicide?
Sujita Bhandari’s murder or suicide?

But after 10 o’clock, Sujita did not return. “I called her several times to ask when she would be back after the food was cooked,” says Kavita. When Kavita said that she had gone to her friend, she thought that she would return.

“When I woke up at 5 am to go to the field, I saw my daughter sleeping,” said Sujita’s father Yagya Prasad. “My sister was not there when she woke up at 6 am.”

Sujita Bhandari’s murder or suicide?

At around 12 o’clock in the afternoon, Kavita saw her sister’s ‘Miss Call’ on her mobile phone. She returned the phone, and Sujita picked it up.

“I was blindfolded and put in a car. I was abducted’.

As soon as she heard her sister’s words, she could not understand what to do. The sister added, “A taxi came to Simara Chowk and asked where the road to Sauraha was.” I don’t know what to put in my eyes and put it in the car. ‘

‘Where are you taking me?’ Didi sent an SMS. Kavita’s NTC numbers at 12:44 and 12:42 have received SMS replies, ‘East.’ Then the connection was lost. She informed her parents and the police were also told that Sujita had been abducted.

According to Kavita, she did not know the way to Sauraha Chowk. The phone rang without being heard. She tried to contact him again. But ‘unreachable’ came.

Confused about the abduction

According to SP Om Prasad Adhikari of the District Police Office, Chitwan, the news of Sujita’s abduction reached the Area Police Office, Bhandara after 12 noon. As soon as the technical analysis was started, the police started interrogation and monitoring in the area where he was said to be missing.

Kavita was allegedly abducted by two women and a man in a taxi over the phone. But people living around the missing area told police they did not see any suspicious activity. There was no close circuit (CC) camera in the area.

If he had been abducted, he would have been called for ransom. After informing the family, the police were waiting for the abductor’s phone. But no suspicious phone call came.

Sujita Bhandari's murder or suicide?
Sujita Bhandari’s murder or suicide?

Call Records and SMS of Sujita

Analyzing the technical side, the police found a discrepancy in the information given by Sujita to her sister. She said in an SMS that she was taken ‘eastwards’. But an analysis of the BTS tower found that Kumroz’s tower in Chitwan was being tapped on his mobile phone.

Sujita’s mobile phone was found to have excessive internet data. From her call detail record (CDR), messages, and analysis of Facebook, the police found that Sujita was in constant contact with a young man until a month ago. But last time no connection was confirmed with him.

Ransom is the main reason behind most kidnappings. The abductors did not make any demands in the Sujita case. Nor have they tried to contact the family.

Some abductions are based on personal recidivism. It is not that the police did not investigate the motive. “The family is very low-income and can’t afford to pay,” said an official involved in the investigation.

Signs of poisoning maybe reason behind death

Police did not find any other evidence to confirm that Sujita was abducted until the ninth day of her disappearance. So it was suspected that he had gone with a young man. With the same suspicion, the police were interrogating Sujita’s friends who are studying in the fourth year of graduation.

As pressure mounted on the police, the Naxals deployed a team from the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) to Chitwan. However, the body of a young woman was found in the forest of Bramhasthani Community Forest of Rapti Municipality-3 at 2 pm on Sunday.

The locals who went to look for the mushrooms had informed the police after seeing the body stuck in the middle of the forest. According to Chitwan Police Chief SP Om Prasad Adhikari, a police team reached the spot soon after the body was found.

The body was found in a forest at a distance of 3 km from the house. According to the SP, the family members identified the body found in the forest as Sujita’s.

As it was late at night, the police sealed off the scene. A search of the site in the morning turned up a bag of pesticide. A bottle of Sprite has also been found at the spot. Police suspect that he may have been poisoned by putting it there. Police said that no other injuries were found on the body.

What did Investigation Officer say?

According to the investigating officers, it has been seen that Sujita died due to poisoning. But only the post-mortem report will solve it. The issue of a postmortem at Bharatpur Hospital or at Kathmandu Tribhuvan Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj has not been decided yet.

According to an investigation officer, his bag was also found near the incident site. Sujita’s mobile has not been found yet, but the battery has been found.

An official involved in the investigation said, “We are investigating whether the mobile phone was thrown into the river or where it went.”

According to locals, there is no place to drive in the middle of the forest. According to the police, there is no option to take anyone there. Therefore, the police suspect that Sujita herself has reached the spot.

If so, what could be the reason? Research officials speculate that this may be the subject of a love affair. But the police will have to confirm all these suspicions with evidence and if suicides are seen, a case of discouragement can be filed.

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