Ryan Kaji – The Highest-Paid YouTube Star Of 2020

Who is the Highest-Paid YouTube Star Of 2020

Ryan Kaji is The Highest-Paid YouTube Star Of 2020. He has an earning of $29.5 million with 12.2 Billion Views.

Who is Ryan Kaji?

The 9-year-old has become the highest-earning YouTuber on YouTube for the third year in a row. He has actually managed to become a billionaire from YouTube.

The boy’s name is Ryan Kazi. He lives in Texas, USA. Ryan, 9, unboxes, and reviews toys and games on YouTube.

Ryan Kaji - The Highest-Paid YouTube Star Of 2020
Ryan Kaji – The Highest-Paid YouTube Star Of 2020

He has managed to earn 29.5 million in 2020 through his YouTube channel. She has also earned an additional 200 million this year through World Branded Toy & Clothing.

Ryan’s most popular video is Hughes Eggs Surprise Toy Ch allenge.

The video has been viewed by over two billion people so far. Ryan’s video is one of the top 60 most viewed videos in YouTube’s history. Ryan recently signed a deal with Nickelodeon to run his own television show.

Ryan started making videos on YouTube in 2015. The idea of ​​making a video for Ryan came to me as soon as I saw the video of the review of the toy. Within a few years, Ryan’s popularity skyrocketed. Ryan was also the highest-earning YouTuber on YouTube in 2018 and 2019.

Ryan is extremely popular on YouTube. Seeing his popularity, many companies have reached out to him and stopped him from unboxing and reviewing his company’s new toys. Ryan takes a large sum of money for this.

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How Ryan Kaji becomes the Highest-Paid Youtube star of 2020?

According to a statistic, a 9-year-old boy has become the highest-paid YouTube user in 2020.

The nine-year-old star is flying high—literally. This November he became the first YouTuber featured in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with a float based on his superhero alter ego. It was a marketing ploy as much as it was a thrilling moment for the kids who tune into Kaji’s videos of DIY science experiments, family storytime, and reviews of new toys.

That’s just the start: The bulk of his business comes from licensing deals for more than 5,000 Ryan’s World products—everything from bedroom decor and action figures to masks and walkie-talkies.

Ryan’s Earnings: $29.5 million

Views: 12.2 billion

Subscribers: 41.7 million

Ryan’s Youtube Channels:

  1. Ryan’s World: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChGJGhZ9SOOHvBB0Y4DOO_w
  2. Kaji Family: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsaOzYsyshyrYL4SHCTI8xw

Today is the age of digital media. Digital media is also becoming the most popular and simple source of income for many people nowadays.

The special feature is that there is no age limit in terms of income in digital media platforms. From children to the elderly, they are earning millions from platforms like YouTube.

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