Russia to send 25 million doses of corona vaccine to Nepal

25 million doses of Corona Vaccine to Nepal

An agreement has reached with Russia to supply corona vaccine to Nepal. As per the trade agreement, 25 million doses of vaccine maybe brought to Nepal.

Russia’s Sputnik-V vaccine maker Russian Direct Investment Fund and pharmaceutical company Trinity Pharmaceuticals have reached an agreement to supply the corona vaccine to Nepal.

The Russian company said it would also send large quantities of the corona vaccine to India. The vaccine, developed with direct investment from the Russian government, is the first time Russia has registered with the World Health Organization.

Corona Vaccine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he tested his daughter in the final stages of the vaccine. But some Western experts have been reluctant to admit that Russia has rapidly vaccinated. They have been apprehensive about the stage of its development.

Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of the RDIF

Thanks to the agreement with Trinity Pharmaceuticals about 90% of the population of Nepal will be provided vaccine. Unlike experimental vaccines based on monkey adenovirus or mRNA, the Sputnik V vaccine was created on the human adenoviral vectors platform. It has been studied over decades and has proven no negative effects in the long-term.

We see a strong interest from other partners in Asia. In this regard, RDIF is ready to supply Sputnik V vaccine to the countries of the region as novel coronavirus infection is our common enemy which can be defeated only by joining our efforts,” Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of the RDIF said in the statement.

Kishor Adhikari, Director of Trinity Pharmaceuticals

Meanwhile, Kishor Adhikari, Director of Trinity Pharmaceuticals said, “We are excited to announce our cooperation with the Russian Direct Investment Fund. Trinity is waiting for the results of the final trial of Sputnik V. As soon as the corona vaccine is approved by the Government of Nepal, we will make it available for the population of Nepal”.

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