Ramesh and Nanda Got Married Today

Finally, Ramesh and Nanda Married Today

Congratulations, Ramesh married Nanda today in Jhapa, 22 December. Famous speaker and singer Ramesh Prasai is bringing the bride to his residence at Mechinagar-10 Kankarvitta today.

Today, he is getting married in Dharan to Nanda Singh, who is doing social service in Kathmandu from his Calicut home. He had gone to Dharan in a three-vehicle procession from Kankarvitta at 9 this morning. He will take the bride to Kankarvitta’s house this evening.

Ramesh and Nanda Got Married Today
Ramesh and Nanda Got Married Today

Many do not even know that Prasai, who studied in Dharan, has a private home in Kankarvitta. He has a house in Dasano Ghaderi in Bhanutol of Kakarvitta. Father, mother, and siblings have been living in the house.
He lived in Dharan. After the wedding in Dharan, many thought that Variyat would come from Dharan and even the bride would be brought in Dharan. But he wanted to take the procession from his own house and bring in the bride.

The masses have gone in small numbers. Pandit Hemant Adhikari, a neighbor of Kakarvitta, has been taken to Dharan to complete the Vedic marriage ceremony. He was very open in the Daura, surreal, coat, and hat he wore during the procession, it was very appropriate. He was in a hurry and a crowd had gathered to take a photo with him.

It is learned that the procession team reached the site at 1:15 pm. A wedding program has been held in the hall of Dharan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Vehuli Nanda Singh had come to Dharan from Kathmandu to get married and stayed at a relative’s house.

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