Pawan Raj Pathak: Inspirational Young Writer

Inspirational Young Writer: Pawan Raj Pathak

Pawan Raj Pathak is 24yrs old from Dhulikhel who is studying MBBS at Nepal Medical College. He recently wrote a book called “The Philosophy of Infinity Learning” which was published by Brosis publication in Delhi. It is slowly becoming popular in the international market & Amazon as well. He has developed his own philosophical theory in it called “The information model of the universe”.

Pawan Raj Pathak: Inspirational Young Writer
Pawan Raj Pathak: Inspirational Young Writer

“The Philosophy of Infinity Learning”

He said:

“I wrote this book within a month. I got it published through a reputed publication using my own money. It has been almost 5 months since my book hit the market. And I was unable to invest in the promotion of my book. Covid prevented any form of physical promotion as well. I tried my best to promote my book through social media. But my biggest hope was word-of-mouth. I knew from the very beginning that most people won’t be interested to read my book (let’s be honest only 4-5% of Nepalese have ever read more than 10 books in their lives and the sad culture is still prevalent today).

I also knew that many people who actually read books other than their coursebooks will not understand the gravity of my work. Most of my friends or the people I know still haven’t bought my book, not because they do not care about me, but because of four reasons-

  1. They seldom read books
  2. They do not understand the gravity of my work (I have visited professors who couldn’t understand what I was doing. they failed to recognize that writing a book is a huge deal so its fruitless to expect laymen who only read certain novels and love stories to leap into the questions of universe and reality.)
  3. Also, They have hugely underestimated my abilities. (I have known him for years. He is just like us. What more does he know than us?)
  4. They think buying books is a waste of money. Rs.450 (2 plates worth of momos) is a huge ask for many even if it means supporting someone you know. Sadly, I have encountered many people who are excited to read my book, if I give it to them for free.

About the Book “The Philosophy of Infinity Learning”

😂So, I had to hope and wait that people I don’t know somehow find my book, read it, understand its importance, and recommend it to others. I think that moment has arrived. He said I am not describing this as a huge achievement. I am not expecting 1000s of copies to be sold overnight. I am not claiming that I am a learned genius. This is just a little reminder to myself that patience is key.

It is proof of the fact that genuine knowledge will be appreciated even if people around you fail to see your spark. If anyone out there feels under-appreciated, misunderstood and people take you for granted; remember for every 10 people who fail to recognize your potential, there will be 1 who understands your path and purpose, and that my friend is enough. Don`t make other people’s opinions \ appreciation the source of your happiness. People are weird. People do not know.

A humble request to everyone- Please read my book or any book for that matter. Reading books is like therapy. I may not know better than you but I certainly know differently than you. Exposure to different perspectives is the only way to keep your mind sharp”.

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We should support him. Click here to buy his book from Daraz for only Rs. 450. You can also buy his book from below shops:

  • -New Pragati Pustak Bhandar, Banepa
  • -BB Bookstore, Kalopul (opposite Xavier International College)
  • -Wisdom Books And Aroma shop, Bhanimadal, Lalitpur
  • -Educational Bookhouse, Kantipath
  • -Booksmandala (Nepal Mandala Bookshop), Pokhara
  • -Ratna Pustak Bhandar, Mati Ghar

We wish him good luck for future. Thank you!

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