One lakh 62 thousand downloaded ‘Nagarik App’

‘Nagarik App’ – More than One Lakh 62 Thousand Download

The ‘Nagarik App‘, which was unveiled on Friday under the slogan ‘Support for Communication and Information Technology, Government Service at Hand’, has attracted a lot of users.

It has found that one lakh 62 thousand 500 users have downloaded the app on Android today. According to the National Information Technology Center, more than 40,000 users have already downloaded the app (opened an account).

One lakh 62 thousand downloaded 'Nagarik App'
One lakh 62 thousand downloaded ‘Nagarik App’

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What are the problems with the Nagarik App?

Although a large number of Nagarik apps have been downloaded. And more than 122,000 details could not be verified due to various reasons. Said Ramesh Prasad Pokharel, Information Officer of the Center.

According to Pokharel, many users do not have a SIM card in their own name. He said that although the user was attracted to the app which was being tested, there were difficulties in operating the app due to various reasons.

Officials at the National Information Technology Center say that the details in the citizenship, passport, or voter identity card did not match the data in the ministry and could not be verified using a SIM card in another’s name.

The Nagarik App has brought into operation from Friday saying that. All kinds of services provided by the government will digitized and services will be provided from an integrated platform. From the app, you can apply for a citizen PAN card. And get a PAN number and also get information about the tax paid to the government through the mobile set.

Through the app, citizens will be able to get details of citizenship, passport, educational certificate, and voter identity card. While citizens will able to get information about the amount deposited in the account of investment fund, provident fund, and social security fund and loan details.

In the initial stage, the digital identity of the citizen has established in the app using the details in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Election Commission, and Passport Department. The government plans to add national identity cards in the coming days.

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