Nijgadh International Airport Nepal Deadline 30 Sep

Nijgadh International Airport Nepal

The ‘announced’ contractor for Nijgadh International Airport Nepal which is a $3.45 Billion Project says it has no plan to build the Nijgadh airport. However, the Nepal Government has set a deadline for September 30 to receive a final proposal from Zurich Airport International.

Nijgadh International Airport Nepal

Photo of Nijgadh Jungle by. The Record Nepal

“Zurich Airport International is focusing its activities on our existing projects in India and Brazil. We do not foresee any investments in projects outside these areas until the situation has significantly improved,” ZAI Spokesperson exclusively told National Geographic Explorer Kashish Das Shrestha about having no plans to work on Nijgadh Airport, in Nepal. Kashish confirmed the news about speaking to the spokesperson. P.S.

According to the government, the deadline is September 30 and no official information has been received yet. Let’s wait until the deadline.

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