New adventures ‘Tower Climbing in Pokhara’

New Tower Climbing in Pokhara

Another new adventure Tower Climbing in Pokhara has been added in the tourist capital Pokhara.

Bungee Nepal Adventures Pvt. Ltd. has started tower climbing for the first time in Nepal. In the tower built for bungee at Pokhara 17, Ratopaira (next to the Mountain Museum).

If you feel tired while climbing the 35-meter high cantilever tower, you can stop in the middle and go to rest. Chairman of the company Santosh Bhattarai said that: The structure has been prepared with full security precautions as it is an adventure.

One thousand rupees has been fixed for climbing the tower.

“The company arranges the necessary equipment while climbing the tower,” said Bhattarai.

New adventures 'Tower Climbing in Pokhara'
New adventures ‘Tower Climbing in Pokhara’

Bhattarai said that it would cost an additional Rs 200 if he wanted to take a photo of himself climbing.

“After reaching the top of the tower, you can see the view from around Pokhara along with the wide snow range,” said Bhattarai. “We have also made a package for birthday and anniversary celebrations in the tower.”

Along with the tower, a restaurant has also come into operation in the bungee complex.

Bhattarai said that bungee jumping will be started in the next few months. Bhattarai said that the start of the bungee was delayed due to the completion of the structural work of the tower. And the arrival of technicians from Japan due to Covid 19.

Who invest in the project?

It is said that Raju Kunwar, Ashok Gurung, Durgadatta Kharel, Dil Gurung, Damodar Baral, and Bhupal Bahadur Baral Chhetri have invested in the company headed by Bhattarai.

Chairman Bhattarai has returned to Nepal after working as a bungee master for a long time. He has worked in New Zealand, Japan, and other countries.

Bhattarai claims that the bungee is built according to ISO standards. Bhattarai says that work is being done in technical coordination with the internationally known bungee name ‘Go Bunji’.

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