Nepali Chef Santosh Shah enters the Grand Finale

Nepali Chef Santosh Shah Entered in the Grand Finale Round

Big Achievement: Nepali Chef Santosh Shah has reached the top 4 of the finals round (Grand Finale). In the ongoing Master Chef Professionals UK 2020 after the food Millet Pudding “कोदोको खिर “. He selected for the Grand finale. Millet Pudding was loved by the judges. ❤️🇳🇵

Chef Santosh Shah who hails from the Siraha district has advanced to the finals week of Master Chef UK: The Professionals 2020.

Nepali Chef Santosh Shah  enters the Grand Finale
Chef Santosh Shah enters the Grand Finale

Santosh impressed renowned chef A Wong during the last round with his version of Ya: Mari – one with a little western touch – that went on to become the dish of the day.

He also served crispy chicken chili along with hot and sour soup – another hit with the judges who loved the Indo-Chinese dish plated with crispy lotus roots, seaweed pickles, and vegetable pickles.

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