Nepal Flying Labs won the AUVSI Humanitarian Award 2020.

Nepal Flying Labs, Drones Optimized Therapy Systems

Nepal Flying Labs
Photo: Biplav Pangeni

Nepal Flying Labs, are a Nepali robotics knowledge hub that focuses on solving local challenges and needs through the use of appropriate robotics & AI technologies.

Robots, such as drones, and the data they allow to acquire and solutions they propose are radically transforming multiple industries through rapid and dramatic gains in efficiency and productivity. 

They want to create the same impact in a responsible and meaningful way for the Social Good sector in Nepal by creating local robotics capacity, build up a Nepali ecosystem and create new jobs through the use of robotics technology and data products. They also address WeRobotics’ global solutions and program tracks locally.

AUVSI Humanitarian Award

auvsi humanitarian award

The AUVSI XCELLENCE Awards honor innovators with a demonstrated commitment to advancing autonomy, leading and promoting safe adoption of unmanned systems, and developing programs that use these technologies to save lives and improve the human condition.

The companies and organizations below have been selected by the judges as finalists for the 2020 XCELLENCE Awards. All have shown outstanding innovation in the development and use of unmanned and autonomous technologies.

The AUVSI HUMANITARIAN AWARD finalists company was

  • Centro de Innovación de Drones and DR FlyingLabs, Medical Cargo Drones Improving Health Services in Rural Communities of the Dominican Republic
  • Nepal Flying Labs, Drones Optimized Therapy Systems
  • Swoop Aero, Transforming the Way the World Moves Essential Supplies with Aeromedical Drone Logistics
  • UMD UAS Test Site, Human Organ Transplant Delivery UAS
  • WildTrack, Footprint Identification Technique (FIT)
  • Wingcopter GmbH, Saving Lives through Drone Deliveries

Among these 6 best company Nepal Flying Labs won the AUVSI HUMANITARIAN AWARD. Huge congratulations to the team.

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