NASA Rover Faces ‘7 Minutes of Terror’ on Mars

NASA Rover Faces ‘7 Minutes of Terror’ Before Landing on Mars.

If you don’t really believe that science can work miracles, it simply means that you are not familiar with the capabilities of modern science, or that your concept of miracles is probably limited to the impossible of your life. Otherwise, science is performing new miracles every day. Listen to a miracle like this –

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‘7 Minutes of Terror’ Before Landing on Mars

On Sunday, February 14, the day of Valentine’s Day, the rover perseverance sent by the US space agency NASA was landing on the surface of Mars, tens of millions of kilometers away from the earth. It was to descend slowly from the sky of Mars to the ground of Mars. But at the last minute of the landing, the system failed. After seven months of uninterrupted travel to reach the orbit of Mars, the relationship with the successful ‘Rover Perseverance‘ was severed.

NASA lost contact with the ‘Rover Perseverance‘ capsule that was kept with Japan. The most important moment of the campaign was the divorce that lasted for seven minutes. In these seven minutes, all NASA efforts were likely to be watered down. No message was coming from the capsule on the way down. The heartbeat of all the scientists associated with the expedition and the ‘landing’ increased.

On February 14, the distance between Mars and Earth was 1.31953 AU or 19,95,18,612 km. It takes 11 minutes 5 million 5225 seconds for light to travel from one side to the other between these distances. Remember, the speed of our radio message (radio wave), internet, etc. is equal to the speed of light. According to the scientific belief so far, the message cannot be transmitted faster than the speed of light.

How much time will it take to communicate to Mars from Earth?

Because the earth is so small, our electronic messages can instantly reach any part of the earth. Let’s say that our radio messages make seven and a half turns of the earth in one second. But, but, at the same speed, it takes 11 minutes for the message to reach Mars from Earth. And sometimes when the distance between Mars and Earth increases, the time it takes to reach the ‘400 million km away’ message is up to 22 minutes. And, that’s how long it takes for the message to reach Earth.

If a man succeeds in reaching Mars tomorrow and he wants to talk to the people of the earth, it will take at least 11 minutes for the hello from Uta to reach the earth.

After covering a distance of 472 million km in seven months, it reached the orbit of Mars and lost contact with the rover Perseverance capsule at the time of landing. Landing Expert’s hands and feet became numb.

The six-wheeled rover from Mars orbit was scheduled to land in seven minutes. In other words, it was scheduled to land in seven minutes. Now, when the communication was cut off, any command sent by GPL would take 11 minutes to reach there. Does the mission fail?

Will Al Chen lose?

JPL landing expert Al Chen fears he will lose 2.7 billion. “Success is not guaranteed,” says Chen.

NASA Mission to Mars

The goal of NASA’s mission was to land on Mars where no mission had ever landed, and the largest and heaviest rover in history was to land with a number of complex scientific instruments.

We already knew that if there was a problem landing on Mars, there was nothing we could do from here because any of our commands would take 11 minutes to get there and the capsule could land on the surface of Mars in seven minutes.

But in the end, our luck helped. The capsule sent a message that it landed safely on Mars. Happiness prevailed in GPL. In an effort of 5-7 minutes, they made contact with the capsule and successfully ‘landed’ the capsule on the surface of Mars known as the Red Planet.

NASA Rover Faces '7 Minutes of Terror' Before Landing on Mars
NASA Rover Faces ‘7 Minutes of Terror’ Before Landing on Mars

After the capsule ‘landed’, the carefully placed ‘Rover Perseverance‘, carrying all the scientific instruments, started various experiments on the surface of Niski Mars after resting for seven months. All the officials, employees, and scientists in the control room on earth applauded and celebrated.

So readers! There is a ‘twist’ in this story that you have read, that is, the capsule of this mission and ‘Rover Perseverance’ is scheduled to land on Mars on February 18. It was launched on February 14. This was staged as a rehearsal of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientists’ capsule landing program. The actual landing program will take place on February 18.

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What is the purpose of NASA’S Mission to Mars?

The purpose of the US mission is to investigate the possibility of life on Mars. Its rover is about to land on Mars’ 45 km wide ‘Jerejo Crater‘. Scientists hope to find fossils of microorganisms in this region of Mars. The battery-powered rover will search for fossils of micro-organisms in the region of Mars for two years using its own devices. Some scientists believe that there was life on Mars a few billion years ago.

Another amazing thing is going to happen in this American campaign. For the first time, a drone helicopter ‘Ingenuity’ will be flown in any celestial body other than Earth. There are also plans to bring samples collected by this rover to Earth.

The United States will launch two more Mars missions in the near future. The mission’s rover has ambitious plans to bring samples from Mars to Earth for the first time.

The secret of the miracle of science is not hidden from anyone. Whatever miracles science has achieved are for the collective upliftment of all mankind. Didn’t you believe that science would work miracles even if a helicopter flew over the surface of Mars?

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