Madhav Nepal : Oli has no chance of unity

Chairman of the CPN-Prachanda-Madhav group Madhav Kumar Nepal has said that there is no possibility of unity with KP Sharma Oli. Instead, he said, the movement against the Oli trend will move forward by cooperating with the participating forces.

Addressing a national gathering of party-affiliated teachers on Saturday, Chairman Nepal said. “There is no possibility of unity with KP Oli. There is no point in putting tears in the eyes of KP Oli’s people with balm,” he said earlier. Don’t get me wrong.

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Madhav Nepal : Oli has no chance of unity
Madhav Nepal : Oli has no chance of unity

He said that the oil spill was the same as that of Prime Minister Oli. Saying that Bamdev Gautam was the first person in the standing committee to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Oli. Nepal is now trying to reform him, said Prachanda-Madhav group chairman Nepal. Do it, but I said oil doesn’t come out of the sand.

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Nepal stressed the need for the agitators against the dissolution of the parliament to unite and form a united government. Stating that the entire battle is yet to be won even after the reconstitution of the parliament, Chairman Nepal said. “We will fight the next battle until KP Oli is removed from the post of Prime Minister.”

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