Kama Sutra – The art of living

Kama Sutra: Not only sexology but also the art of living

As soon as people hear the name Kama Sutra, they feel some hesitation and some embarrassment. It really depends on what people think. This nearly 2,000-year-old book is perfect for a subject in itself. It is special for a good and happy life. It provides information on how to provide energy, satisfaction, and pleasure in sex life. The Benefit of the Kama Sutra is as follows and explained in detail.

The purpose of the Kama Sutra is to give direction to society

Apart from some sexual aspects, the Kama Sutra gives suggestions on the way of life of the society, how to get up and stay, how to look attractive. How to become a beautiful and capable youth? Similarly, what are the qualities needed in a virtuous woman? Which will make everyone’s heart happy. This scripture suggests that a lot can be learned and practiced by applying these qualities. When more and more people benefit from the knowledge of this scripture, it builds a civilized society.

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Happiness is the foundation of married life

This ancient scripture of sage Vatsyayan says that sex is not a bad thing to give a feeling of creativity and happiness in life. This is the basis of a happy married life. During sexual intercourse, husbands and wives experience complete devotion to each other. There is the union of soul and body with a soul. Happiness and even a child is born from this union. As the family grows, there is prosperity.

Kama Sutra -  The art of living
Kama Sutra – The art of living

Kama Sutra and Hindu tradition

It is believed that love is the root of the Kama Sutra. In the Hindu lifestyle, work is given special importance along with religion, meaning, and liberation. Work or sex began to be viewed differently according to country, time, and circumstances. After religion and meaning, work has a special place in Hindu beliefs. In fact, there is work and experience that all five senses experience a pleasure.

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In spirituality

Sex is the creative force of the universe. Whatever it is, it is because of work. The working power in a human being can be physical, mental, and spiritual. Where there is attraction, there is enthusiasm, there is an inspiration, there is some form of energy. That is why nature looks beautiful and inspiring.

When sex goes wrong

It is wrong to have sex without the consent of a young person. Almost everywhere it is classified as a crime. Similarly, when sex is done with an inherent sense of interest and hatred, it is also wrong.

The art of beautifying a home

The Kama Sutra also describes the decoration of the house and its importance. It also mentions the decoration of good gardens and kitchens, the importance of gardens near kitchens, as well as the effect of the beauty of these gardens on one’s development and mind. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding.

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The importance of music

Music is given a special place in the Kama Sutra. Music is special to itself. A man or woman who is good at dancing, singing or playing can easily make another person like him or her. The Kama Sutra places special emphasis on evening music and entertainment.

Women’s place

Though ancient, the Kama Sutra is still very relevant today. This book focuses on women’s happiness. The ideal home should be one where a woman’s personal life is supposed to be completely independent.

Husbands, house owners, and even the king are told that a woman’s permission is required before going out. It is believed that no one interferes with women.

Routine details

The Kama Sutra also describes a good routine. It mentions starting the day with religious ceremonies and hygiene, bathing, etc. Later it is mentioned that worship can be done in a state or business activities. After lunch, horses or other beloved animals can be visited along with other means of entertainment. After this, it is mentioned in the Kama Sutra that it is appropriate to spend time in the evening bath, enjoy fragrant liquids, music, hymns, etc.

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