Herbal balance for life 2020

Herbal balance for life
Herbal balance for life

Herbal Balance for Life 2020

Suggestions for using herbs in a balanced way

Experts say that herbs should be used in a balanced way to increase immunity during coronavirus infection. They suggest that overuse without the advice of a doctor can be harmful.

Herbs in Nepal

Experts suggested using herbs including turmeric, gurjo, basil, chili, ginger, Timur in moderation according to the climate, geographical condition, and physical ability of the user. All these herbals found in Nepal and near by you.

With the global pandemic of COVID-19, the use of herbs and ayurvedic medicines has increased in various countries including Nepal. People have used it freely in their homes. Chief of District Ayurveda Health Center, Chitwan, Dr. Kopila Adhikari says that it is not appropriate to use herbs on one’s own. According to him, in Ayurveda, there is a clear difference between the use of food (as food) and medicine (as medicine).

Scientists suggest that turmeric, ginger, thyme, chili used as spices in food should be used considering the quality of the dish, geographical environment, climate, nature of the person, disease condition, and quantity. In general, vegetables, pulses, pickles, tea can be used regularly in small amounts in hot places and in moderate amounts in cold places.

According to them, if turmeric is used in proper quantity, it can increase the ability to fight against skin diseases, nasal allergies, throat infections, bronchitis, conjunctivitis, chronic ulcers, fungal infections, and cancer. According to various researches, the use of turmeric has been found to be effective against hepatitis B virus, para-influenza virus type 3, respiratory syncytial virus, and influenza virus, they said.

They said, “Curcumin (chemical element) and other chemically active ingredients play a major role in this.

Which slows down the growth and effects of the virus in the body. ” They suggested that people with gallstones, regular intake of aspirin, and warfarin should consume turmeric in small quantities with caution. Similarly, people with bile nature (heat body) should use turmeric in small quantities, he said. They said that turmeric, which is commonly used in Nepali food, reaches the required quantity of the body.

Herbal balance for life
Herbal balance for life

Experts also said that it would be better to put one gram of turmeric in hot milk before going to bed at night. The official suggested that it would be better to drink for 21 days at most. Experts say that gurja is used especially for chemical and body strengthening and to increase immunity. Used as needed for thirst, wounds, diabetes, colds, asthma, anemia, jaundice, skin diseases, uric acid, fever, and other diseases.

They said it will be used to boost immunity and fight against dengue fever, swine flu and other viral diseases (flu, cough, fever) from time to time. They said, “As it is a diabetes medicine in itself, it is advisable for people with low blood sugar and taking sugar medicine to take Gurja only under the direct supervision of a doctor.”


When used for a long time, it can reduce high blood pressure. ” Boil five grams of gurja powder in water and mix it with sugarcane and drink it as tea. He said, “Fresh gurjo juice 20-25 mg once a day and fresh gurjo stalks are soaked in water in the evening and mixed with sugarcane. In the morning, it is beneficial to drink 50 mg.” Experts say that even after eating in this way, it is better to consume it only for 21 days.

Although herbs like basil, jwano, Timur, and ginger can be used to increase immunity and anti-viral against colds, coughs, fevers, he suggested that the intake should be limited to seven days. These herbs help to balance the diet life and provides the energy to defeat and fight the virus-like CORONAVIRUS. Herbal balance for life is very important.

Experts said that people with tumor and ginger piles, Fischer’s disease, and bile should not consume it.

Ayurveda doctor PN Bhusal says that not eating any amount in combination is harmful to human health. He suggested using turmeric, gurja, and other herbs only according to the quantity. He said that if the herbs used as medicine are used in large quantities, its negative effects will be seen. He also suggested consulting an Ayurvedic doctor before using it. Medical Superintendent Tiwari Corona released the Chief Medical Superintendent of Bharatpur Hospital Dr. Shri Ram Tiwari Corona has been released.

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