Happy National Children’s Day 2077

2077 Bhadra 29 Bal Diwas (Children’s Day 2077) In Nepal

September 14 (or September 15 in leap years) (Bhadra 29 B.S.) is observed as National Children’s Day or Bal Diwas in Nepal. On 14th September 1990 AD, Nepal had signed and approved the protocol passed by UN Convention on Child Rights. To commemorate that day Nepal started to mark 29th Bhadra as the National Children’s Day since 2063 B.S.

History of Bal Diwas

The history of Children’s Day or Bal Diwas in Nepal is very long. Originally this day was celebrated on August 19, coinciding with the birthday anniversary of Queen Ratna, Queen Mother from 1972 to 2008. Queen Ratna was very famous for her social work and helping children, that’s why her birthday was the perfect day for Children’s Day. In 2008 the Nepalese monarchy was abolished and Children’s Day was moved to September and since then the date remains unchanged.

children's day 2077

Children are the future of any country. Children deserve love, affection, respect, education, freedom, and rights. Either that is a girl or boy, every child deserves a better life, good education, and equality. In Nepal, we can see the discrimination between the boy and girls. These traditions and cultures are in our home, in our society, in our country, and in the world. A decade passed away, century passed but the discrimination between the boy and girl, man, and women are never gone. Their roots are very strong but this culture needs to be changed.

We can see the children of our country working in factories, buses, hotels. Due to poverty, they are not able to school to study to learn something new, different. They also deserve a better life, equality education. We have to work on children, government should make education free for all the children. The government should take strong action and reserve more rights for children.


has paid much more attention to provide a conducive environment for the physical, social, intellectual, and emotional development of children. They working for the children
  1. To provide education, health, residential care facilities to children who are living without their parents and caregivers. 
  2.  To provide vocational training and skills development opportunities to the children who are older enough to enable them to support their living and livelihood. 
  3. To rehabilitate the children in their families and communities as appropriate once they are prepared for the same.
  4. To provide children opportunities in life so that they could lead their life, their family, and the community as a competent adult.

Schools and kindergartens organize special parties and events to entertain kids. Although the government of Nepal is working on the improvement of life of children, many of them live on the streets or work in dangerous places. Many children have to work to earn money instead of attending school.

Slogan of Bald Diwas


This is due to COVID-19 many children were dead. We can’t do anything for those children, the only thing we can pray for them is peace and there to be rest in heaven. But the children who alive they need love, affection, better and equal life, education, and equality. This year is different than other years, children can’t celebrate their day freely, due to lock down and pandemic. To be safe and secure is the most important thing today. So, Happy Children’s Day to all the beautiful children.

Let’s Pray for the People and Children Who died due to COVID-19. May their Soul rest in peace in Heaven.

Happy National Children’s Day Bhadra 29, 2077

Article written by : Sushant Rimal

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