Govt launches Nagarik App to facilitate services

The government has launched the ‘Nagarik App’. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has stated that. The app is launch with the aim of digitizing all kinds of services provided by the government. And providing services from an integrated platform.

Nagarik App (Beta Version)

The app is public by a press conference of the ministry. Now, various government online services will be availed from the same app said Communications Minister Parbat Gurung.

Slogan of Nagarik App

An app has launched with the slogan ‘लाइन हैन, अनलाइनबाट २४ सै घण्टा सरल, सहज र प्रभावकारी सरकारी सेवाका लागि नागरिक एप’ 

Similarly, it can see that the government and public bodies have heard and addressed the grievances of the citizens. The use of this app will save faceless, paperless, and time.

Download Android and iOS version (beta version)

Android mobile users need to download the beta version of the app in the Play Store. And iOS users in the App Store to get services from the Citizen app.

Currently, we can through the border of Nepal Telecom and Ncell on the basis of the mobile number registered in one’s own name. In order to receive the service, the person concerned has to mention the details of his / her citizenship, voter, or passport.

According to Hari Prasad Basyal, secretary at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, there are currently nine services in the app.

The ministry has stated that all government services will be available in this app within the next three months. In a video message, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli also asked for suggestions for necessary improvements using the app.

Govt launches Nagarik App to facilitate services

Why to use this App?

As envisaged by the Digital Nepal Framework. It was mentioned in the policy and program that the services provided by the government to the citizens would be integrated. And interconnected to make them comfortable and technology-friendly.

The citizen app is public as a function of monitoring government activities, hearing complaints, and making arrangements.

The app contains details of 21.5 million citizenships with the Ministry of Home Affairs. Similarly, the details collected by the Election Commission including 15.5 million biometrics and photos have been digitized.

The government claims that the app will help end the compulsion to go to government offices for public services.

It is planned to connect the public service provided by the union to the local level government on this platform. It is claimed that more than 40 of the 64 services provided by the local government can be obtained from the app. The ministry claims that the app should end the obligation to photocopy various government documents. Including citizenship, for various government services.

What is the use of Nagarik App?

You can get a PAN number by applying for a PAN card from the Nagarik app. And also get the details of the tax to the government through the mobile set.

Details of citizenship, passport, educational certificate, and voter identity card can be obtained through the app. In addition, the details of the amount deposited in the accounts of Citizens Investment Fund, Provident Fund, and Social Security Fund can be obtained.

In the coming days, services related to land tax, land reform, vehicle tax, driver’s license. And we can see other services related to the general public. The government claims that the government services provided through the citizen app.

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