Google Glass 2020, Review, Sales and Price

Google Glass 2020

At first, the Google Glass, however, There’s a new competitor.

Google Glass

These glasses are called “Vaunt Smart Glasses”, and was created and designed by Intel. There have been a few years since these came out, as an open project. Not only are these ‘Smart Glasses’ made from the world’s biggest Computer Components manufacturer, but they’re also something totally unique, and clearly not what you’re expecting.

What’s amazing about these glasses is they look normal. And, according to Dieter Bohn (The guy on the picture), is that they feel really good on his head, and they only weigh about 50 grams.

They’re designed to do just one thing. Show you simple, basic information in one of your eyes.

It has this little red monochrome projector that shines an image on a holographic mirror, which then bounces it directly back into the eyeball. And what that means is that you don’t have to focus on it, it’s just down there.

Vaunt Smart Glasses

Another part is that, if you’re not looking just slightly down at the display,

Google Glass

it completely disappears so it’s not distracting you.

The other thing is, you’re not going to be tapping, swiping and whatever else you did with the Google Glass. There’s no camera in your view. These glasses are meant to be non-intrusive, non-annoying in social situations.

Google Glass Features

So what can you do with these?

If you get a notification and want to read it, you can slide your head and it’ll slide in on your dashboard. Or you can dismiss it by doing the opposite.

But since the Vaunt glasses are a prototype project, originally by Intel’s new devices group, the glasses will be at first used by the Developers. However, these glasses do need to be fitted to your eyes’ interpupillary distance so that the display can actually line up to your eyeball, which makes the process a bit tricky..

But none of these technical issues is the problem, of its chance to become a unicorn someday. It’s that, you want smart glasses, maybe you don’t, who knows, but you definitely don’t want glasses that are big and ugly and ‘techy’, and so Intel has to get over that hump that people are willing to put technology on their faces, and they certainly have though.

Glass Sale

You can buy Google Glass on eBay.

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