Edinson Cavani fined £100,000 & three-games ban

English club Manchester United forward Edinson Cavani fined £100,000 and has been banned for three games.

The English Football Association (FA) has imposed a £100,000 fine, along with a three-match ban, following a month-long study of Cavani’s “Negrito” post on social networking site Instagram.

Edinson Cavani fined £100,000 & three-games ban
Edinson Cavani fined £100,000 & three-games ban

His post is considered insulting, inappropriate, or has brought the game into disrepute. The governing body of English football has also claimed that his remarks were racially motivated, according to the BBC.

According to a statement issued by the FA, he is accused of violating the FA’s E33 rules. According to the rules, he should have been banned for more than six games, but he immediately removed his post and admitted his mistake.

Cavani scored twice in a 3–2 comeback win over Southampton on 29 November. He then posted on Instagram that it was racist. He immediately removed his post.

The 33-year-old Uruguayan Cavani will miss the games against Manchester City in the semi-finals of the Aston Villa, Watford, and Caravan Cups in the Premier League.

Cavani was signed to United this summer on a free transfer from French club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

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