Dr. Sagar Dhital: An inspirational Journey of Doctor

An Inspirational Journey of Dr. Sagar Dhital from a Village

An inspirational journey of becoming a doctor from a remote Village. He is Dr. Sagar Dhital, the first doctor of his village Roshi Gaupalika. Remembering his childhood struggle he says “I had to walk 4 hrs every day to school and back home without shoes and lunch. There was a jungle on the way to school. And when we were in class 5, one of our friends was attacked by a tiger and passed away. We did not even have proper classes because of Maoist activities and the lack of teachers.

Our parents did not understand the importance of education. So we were not allowed to go to school regularly and had to help in the fields instead. Our mother gave us eggs of chickens, we used to sell those eggs to buy copies, pens, etc. We used to do homework under kerosene lamps. Luckily I got to give SLC from Panauti Municipality where I topped all government schools which gave me future chances to study in scholarship.”

Sagar Dhital: An inspirational Journey of Doctor
Sagar Dhital: An inspirational Journey of Doctor

He was already working as a teacher in Dhulikhel Hospital after completing his B.Sc. When he met German people who inspired him to go to Germany and become a doctor. He went to Germany in 2013 recently passed his Medical education from LMU Munich. One of the best universities in the world.

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He has been helping his village in many ways by supporting many poor children for their studies. And also contributing financially to building the road, schools in his village. He says,” After doing specialty here, I will come to Dhulikhel Hospital to serve my motherland.”

Another Inspirational story to hear. There are so many things you can learn from his journey. Life is uncertain. Struggles, problems and obstacles are to make you strong in your life. Thank You!!


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