BTS to release ‘Dynamite,’ in English

One of the biggest bands in the world BTS about the group’s new single!

We’re covering at “Entertain This!” Number one album, sold-out stadiums, Billboard and American Music Awards… so what’re next fork-pop superstars BTS?

BTS to release ‘Dynamite’ their first entirely in English

Well as they told USA TODAY’s Rasha Ali, a new song, “Dynamite.” It’s the first single of theirs to be completely performed in English.

Okay. Wow, it’s a pleasure to be here! But you guys have been working like non-stop, you know you released “Map of the Soul 7” earlier this year, you have concerts in October, a movie in September, you were preparing to go on tour before the pandemic hit and now you’re dropping another album, all in 2020.

BTS to release 'Dynamite,' in English
BTS to release ‘Dynamite,’ in English

In the middle of a pandemic, how how do you do it all?

Right. So I think you know in the earlier part of the year as you say, you know, we were going to go on tour. But that was, you know canceled and pushed back.

So we kept thinking, what can we do right now? You know, what? Can we do best right now? And also we came up we know we did the song “Dynamite,” you know? This is a situation that everybody else around the world is facing. So I think we just started to explore What can we do right now?

What can we do really well?

In an interview last year you guys mentioned that you don’t want to change your identity or genuineness to get to like a number one song. And if you suddenly started singing in full English then that wouldn’t be who BTS is so what has changed with “Dynamite” and do you feel like singing a song in full English that has changed who BTS is?

We’ve never expected this song would come, you know like even in fully in English as you said, but Things many things have changed it and, you know during the process of making our album, which we’re going to release later this year. We just met this song like destiny and you know.

When we first listened to the demo the lyrics and the vibes and you know, everything was so perfect.

So well, we thought like you know, why not keep it this way some say um things have changed but this is a new challenge for us as well. So, you know, we’re given a shot. Anyway like a “Dynamite”…

Goal of Dynamite

What do you hope this song will accomplish for you?

“So the goal of “Dynamite” is really simple. We just got ready with this “Dynamite” to you know, to explode the world with positive vibes and energy. We’ve been through all you know, sadness and desperation But you know with this song and performance. We just hope the world gets more positive and be happy. That’s it. That’s our goal.

And how do you guys personally get over like your sadness?

Like do you, you know through song?

Like I know 2020 has been really heavy for a lot of us and I’m sure can’t be easy for you guys when you’re always working.

So how do you kind of get through that yourself?

I think we’re trying to do, I’m trying to do the things that we can do, you know in the situation that we have you know, what is it that can lift me up.

What is what can lift us up?

So in that conclusion, it’s always going to be you know, music and dance that lifts me up. So I’ve been trying to listen to music I’ve been trying to write music, you know dance and that’s what I’ve been trying to do to cope with the situation. “Dynamite” is out Friday.

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