Biggest cyberattacks in the history of US

US Department of Energy

Biggest cyberattacks in the United States

The Biggest cyberattacks in the history of US. The US Department of Energy has been hit by a cyber attack. The Department of Energy has confirmed that the attack was the largest cyber attack on any US government ministry to date.

The US Department of Energy oversees the country’s nuclear arsenal. However, the US government has made it clear that the latest cyber-attack has had no effect on its nuclear arsenal.

Meanwhile, Microsoft also said on Thursday that dangerous software was found in its system.

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US Department of Commerce

Last Sunday alone, there was a cyberattack on the US Department of Commerce. The Ministry of Commerce is under cyber attack for the past one month. But it was discovered only on Sunday, officials said.

The United States has blamed Russia for a series of cyberattacks on government buildings. But Russia has denied the allegations.

President Donald Trump has not commented on the latest cyberattack.

However, President-elect Joe Biden has said that cybersecurity is one of his government’s top priorities.

“The first step is to stop cyberattacks from our opponents,” Biden said. We will do it and it will be our priority. Those who attack in this way will have to pay a heavy price. And, let’s work with our allies and allies on this.

The Cyber ​​Security Infrastructure Agency, the largest cyber agency in the United States, says eliminating cyber-attacks is complex and challenging.

Biggest cyberattacks in the history of US
Biggest cyberattacks in the history of US

According to him, the recent cyber attack had damaged important infrastructure. The security of federal agencies and private sector companies was damaged and the damage posed a serious threat.

According to the agency, the hacking started last March. He says the cyber-attackers have managed to carry out serious cyber attacks using patience, mobilization, security, and complex tradecraft.

The latest cyber attack on the US Department of Energy and Commerce did not reveal what kind of information the hackers managed to steal.

A spokesman for the energy ministry claimed that the cyber-attackers had only damaged the ministry’s business network.

He asserted that the National Atomic Energy Agency, which is responsible for the security of nuclear weapons, Had not affected by the cyber attack.

Solar Wind Company

Recently, hackers managed to hack a computer network using the network management software of Solarwind, an information technology company based in Texas, USA.

The hackers sent 10,000 users of Solar Wind Company to download the update by sending viral software. Users who download such software are in the clutches of hackers.

Even Microsoft has said that 40 of its users have cyber-attacked. Among them are government agencies, think tanks, non-governmental organizations, and technology companies. Eighty percent of consumers are Americans, with the rest coming from Canada, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom, Israel, and Belgium.

TOP 10 of the world’s largest cyberattacks

Here are the top 10 world’s largest cyberattacks ever in the history.

  1. Yahoo: hackers favorite target?
  2. Theft of more than one billion passwords
  3. Marriott hotels: privacy of 500 million customers compromised
  4.  Adult Friend Finder exposed
  5. Equifax: a tricky crisis management
  6. Alteryx data leak exposes 123 million households
  7. Target targeted
  8. The South Korean nightmare
  9. Panic at Sony
  10. Adobe was going through hell

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