Anshu Khanal became a living corpse against rape

Anshu Khanal became a living corpse against rape. The body of a woman was found in a white cloth and bamboo mat from Basantapur at 2 pm on Friday. In front of the corpse were people throwing barley and sesame seeds and playing conch shells, while behind them was a large procession of women.

By the time the body reached Ratna Park via Basantapur-New Road, a large crowd had gathered. Pedestrians also gathered in the movement to see the bodies, saying, “Has anyone been martyred?” At the same time, an old man put Rs. 20 on a bamboo mat.

However, the woman who was fighting over the bamboo mat was moving normally. She used to look at the sky bridge and the people watching her from the roof of the house. She closed her eyes, imagining the pain of dying at the hands of criminals.

Anshu Khanal became a living corpse against rape
Anshu Khanal became a living corpse against rape

Anshu Khanal – A living corpse against rape

Khanal Anshu is a living corpse. She became a living corpse during the ‘Women’s March’ against the regression of the KP Oli government.

This type of street drama is called ‘Performance Art‘ in the language of modern art. Anshu has become a living corpse to protest against regression by showing this performance art.

Anshu, who hails from Arughat, Gorkha, writes poetry and is a journalist. He is also interested in drama and art. He is also credited with showing the play.

Remembering the idea of ​​protesting against rape and regression by becoming a corpse, Anshu says, “One day, while walking the path of Maitidevi, the thought of showing art as a corpse came to my mind. After telling that my friends, I decided to show the play. ‘

Artists Rasik Raj, Raju Jhalluprasad, Prajjav Adhikari, and Prabhat Timalsina supported Anshu’s idea.

After this, the young team started practicing drama. She said that after about a week of practice, they decided to protest by carrying the body.

She says, ‘We have presented the funeral procession with the intention of showing the drama in a way that gives a glimpse of real life. Where all the rituals used for cremation are shown. ‘

Earlier, Anshu, Rasik Raj and their organization ‘Abha for Creativity’ had presented art in street movements. Based on that experience, they performed funerals to protest rape and regression.

This time, her husband Rasik Raj was also carrying Anshu’s body. Rasik Raj is an artist and painter.

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I felt extreme pain: Anshu

Anshu says that she felt a lot of pain while sitting on a bamboo mat for an hour. She says, ‘When I sleep like a corpse, my heart hurts, not my body. Because if I was so upset, how painful it would be for a rape victim! ‘

Anshu, who was emotional about the atrocities against women, looked very serious even after the play was over. She was concerned about the incidents of rape and murder of young girls young.

Anshu Khanal became a living corpse against rape
Anshu became a living corpse against rape

Although Anshu, 21, climbed on the bed for the first time wearing a blanket, she had experience climbing on a stretcher. “I used to get very sick when I was a child,” she said. “I didn’t feel embarrassed when I got sick today because I was stretched on a stretcher on the way to the village.”

Prabhat Timalsina, who became Anshu’s fake malami, also said that he experienced the real pain of carrying the body. Prabhat, who was carrying the body in a white cloth covering only half of his body, said that he felt like mourning his relatives.

He says, “I finally got to think about how much it hurts her relatives to carry the body of a sister who was killed after being raped.”

While Anshu was being cremated, a large procession of women was behind him, besieging Singha Durbar with the slogan ‘Hang the rapist!’

Women engineers, students, and writers participated in the women’s march, which was part of a larger civic movement. They staged a mass march condemning all forms of violence against women.

Mohana Ansari, Rita Pariyar, Shrinkhala Khatiwada, Malvika Subba, Archana Thapa, and Anshu were in the procession carrying the body. Engineers openly praised the art of Anshu and his group.

Anshu also admits that Friday’s presentation boosted her confidence. Ready to become a corpse while alive, she believes that women should rebel against all forms of discrimination. Then she put her hand on her chest and promised, “I have promised to raise my voice against all atrocities against women.”

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