WatchOS 7 features: Apple Watch

WatchOS 7 Features

Apple revealed WatchOS 7 during its WWDC keynote earlier this summer, showing off some of the new features that will come to the next version of the software that will power the Apple Watch. The update isn’t expected to ship until this fall and is now available as a public beta. We’re eyeing three new features in particular that will forever change the way you use your Apple Watch. 

WatchOS 7

The Apple Watch will also receive some minor but potentially useful features. For example, a new hand-washing feature will start a countdown timer when it detects movement associated with someone washing their hands, to make sure you get your 20 seconds in. There’s also a new dance workout as part of Apple’s fitness tracking that will count every calorie while you bust a move.
More importantly, WatchOS 7 will change how you look at your Apple Watch, how you interact with it at bedtime, and even how you style the watch face by downloading or sharing custom faces with a couple of taps.

  1. WatchOS no longer limits watch face complications 

2. WatchOS 7 can track your sleep

3. Find and share custom watch faces

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