2020 Timeline: A Look-Back

2020 Timeline [All About 2020]

Here are all the events that occur in 2020. 2020 was a really bad year for almost everyone. We present the 2020 timeline as a list. We have all the good things and bad things described below in 2020.

2020 Timeline: A Look-Back
2020 timeline: A Look-Back

Coronavirus Attack on 2020

  • A mysterious pneumonia outbreak in Wuhan, China
  • A new type of coronavirus
  • The number of affected countries has tripled.
  • The world health organization has just declared that this is a pandemic.
  • The city all essential workers who are showing up every day.
  • It’s still March. And the Oscar goes to Parasite.
  • Shhhh. Please, sit down. Thank you. I’ve never seen her before.
  • Hey, all you cool cats and kittens! So “Folklore” is out.
  • Dodgers have won it all in 2020!
  • The Los Angeles Lakers This is so much bigger than just us.
  • I always said talent is more important than experience.
  • I’ve always said that.
  • Everybody right now is worried that TikTok’s gonna be banned in the United States.
  • Normal life canceled.
  • Eleven days into the national lockdown…
  • All public gatherings banned.

Work from home

  • Working from home is a new reality.
  • Are any of you’ll wearing pants?
  • Now, be honest now. School is closed …for the remainder of the academic year.
  • Guys, what happened? It kicked her off the internet.
  • Yup, we’re toast.
  • I see Brandon is holding up two and two – I see four … More than four hundred children million children … Zoom after zoom can be exhausting.

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  • It seems like the world’s caving in on you.
  • Yeah. Work never stops. It could be taking a toll on your well-being.
  • Italy saw it the deadliest day from the coronavirus as the death toll jumped by more than 600 in 24 hours.
  • The plan we have is to contain – contain the disease outbreak in Taiwan.
  • We have very little problem in this country at this moment.
  • Five … people have contracted the virus.
  • Let us build up our confidence. We will eventually win.
  • Many of all countries in Europe are now acting to “flatten the curve” used when talking about reducing the number of coronavirus cases.
  • Americans unemployment more than 3.3 million – more than 6 million – I hope that’s right.

Unemployment due to Pandemics

  • 10 million workers now applying for unemployment.
  • 50 million unemployment claims filed in the span of just four months.
  • A disproportionate number are black. It’s called systemic racism for a reason.
  • There are 400 years of history here. What do we want? Justice! When do we want it?
  • Now! One man’s death has rekindled this movement around the world. Say his name! George Floyd! Say his name! George Floyd!
  • Frustration over the lack of charges against the officers. They should be charged. There’s always a better way.
  • Protestors kneeling and raising their hands in a peaceful demonstration. They poured onto the street.
  • “Resign,” they shouted. They are scared. They fear they are losing power.
  • The worst fire season ever and every year builds on the last one it seems like. Yeah, it really does. This is everything we’ve worked for for the last 35 years – gone.
  • This looks more like mars.
  • One of the busiest hurricane seasons ever on record.
  • Devastation in Puerto Rico.

Coronavirus spread all over the world

  • India and Pakistan are facing their worst locust outbreak in 70 years.
  • Cases are up. More than 30 states and Puerto Rico reporting cases on the rise. A possible “second wave” – going global.
  • 60 million-plus cases. Almost 1.5 million deaths. I’ve developed mild symptoms.
  • French President Emmanuel Macron, President Bolsonaro, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, Donald Trump tested positive for the coronavirus. I think it’s under control. I’ll tell you what – How?
  • A thousand Americans are dying a day. They are dying. That’s true. It is what it is. We don’t have enough stretchers. We’re way above capacity.
  • Cemeteries have become overwhelmed. I think we could’ve been a little more preventative. Do you know?
  • As a whole. As a country. When I’m president we will be better prepared.
  • Respond better and recover better.
  • Some lines stretching for blocks forcing people to wait hours to cast their ballots. It could have rained. It could have snowed. I would not care. I’m not going anywhere.
  • Andrzej Duda has been reelected president of Poland.
  • any Malawians already knew from early, unofficial results that he would be their next president.
  • Tsai defeated a pro-Beijing rival.
  • Luis Arce promised he would rule for all. We will be a party that governs every New Zealander. We did it, Joe.
  • The flame of democracy was lit in this nation a long time ago. And we now know nothing – not even a pandemic or an abuse of power can extinguish that flame.
  • I hope I am not gonna have the bloody bug now. We press on for what is right, for what is fair, and for what is just.

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What all has happened in 2020?

Here are a list and 2020 timeline of the major events that happened last year in 2020:

  • Australian bushfires. Enlarge Image. …
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quit the royal family. …
  • COVID-19 pandemic. …
  • Kobe Bryant’s death. …
  • Impeachment of President Donald Trump. …
  • “Parasite” sweeps the Oscars. …
  • Harvey Weinstein verdict. …
  • Stock market crash 2020.

What is the best part of 2020?

Why is the year 2020 special?

A New Year 2020

This new year is a leap year with 366 days. That means there is an extra day in February, the shortest month. Even with the extra day, February still remains the shortest month of the year with 29 days. Every other month has either 30 or 31 days.

What is the most used word of 2020?

According to Merriam-Webster and Dictionary.com – pandemic has been named word of the year and Oxford Dictionaries has reported a surge in the word by 57,000 percent making it the most used word in 2020. While the word COVID-19 and coronavirus might be less obvious, the other managed to accompany it in 2020.

What are the good things that happened in 2020?

Besides all the pandemic, COVID-19, stock market crash, here are 10 good things happened in 2020.

  • English street comes together for social distance dancing. …
  • NASA astronauts jettison towards stars on top of SpaceX rocket. …
  • World War II veteran beats COVID-19 in time for 104th birthday. …
  • Kansas farmer mails Cuomo N95 mask for NY medical worker.
  • 103-year-old veteran survives COVID-19, 102-year-old woman survives the virus twice
  • Mother opens ‘Special Kneads Bakery’ to employ son with cerebral palsy
  • Police officer receives a life-saving transplant from the woman he put in jail 8 years ago
  • UK gives 1st COVID-19 vaccine doses
  • A petition to rename Columbus, Ohio ‘Flavortown’ racked up over 130,000 signatures
  • Ryan Kaji became the highest-paid YouTube Star

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