2020 Best Christmas movies that are so good

2020 Best Christmas movies

2020 Best Christmas movies that are so good. There is a number of movies releasing on Christmas this year. Some of the movies are so good that we will be watching twice, thrice……

Let’s see the 2020 Best Christmas movies that are so good.

1. Holidate

It’s not a Christmas movie season unless you have a cheesy rom-com and Holidate firmly ticks that box.

It features Emma Roberts, Kristin Chenoweth, and Aussie hunk Luke Bracey. Human beings aren’t meant to be alone during the holidays. Nobody puts Baby in the corner. Nobody drops the baby on her head.

2020 Best Christmas movies that are so good

Fed up with being single on holidays, two strangers agree to be each other’s platonic plus-ones all year long, only to catch real feelings along the way.

Release: 2020-10-28

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Casts: Luke Bracey, Sarah Hamff, Manish Dayal, Andrew Bachelor, Jake Manley

Duration: 104 min

Country: United States of America

Production: Wonderland Sound and Vision

You can watch full movie on Netflix. Or click below to watch the full movie.


2. Dolly Patron’s Christmas Square

Who doesn’t love Dolly Parton?

Who are you? Well an angel.

And with 14 original songs… Who cares about the plot?

A rich and nasty woman returns to her hometown to evict everyone but discovers the true meaning of Christmas thanks to the local townsfolk – and an actual angel. Features 14 original songs with music and lyrics by Dolly Parton!

Dolly Patron's Christmas Square
Dolly Patron’s Christmas Square

Release: 2020-11-22

Genres: Music, Family, Comedy

Casts: Brandon O’Neal, Andrew Brodeur, Braxton Alexander, Mark Daniel Chmiel, Treat Williams

Duration: 98 min

Country: United States of America

Production: Sandollar Productions, Magnolia Hill Productions, Warner Bros. Television

3. Operation Christmas Drop

While gathering evidence to support closing a tropical U.S. Air Force base, a congressional aide warms to its generous captain.

Operation Christmas Drop
Operation Christmas Drop

Release: 2020-11-05

Genres: Family, Comedy, Romance

Casts: Rohan Campbell, Virginia Madsen, Aaron Douglas, Audrey Wise Alvarez, Xavier de Guzman

Duration: 95 min

Country: United States of America

Production: Brad Krevoy Productions, Motion Picture Corporation of America, Brad Krevoy Television

First, there was Operation Dumbo Drop, now there’s Operation Christmas Drop. No, those films aren’t related, nor is it about having too much food over the holidays.

It’s a heartwarming army base romance from your friends at Netflix.

4. The Princess Switch: Switched Again

The wait is over. The sequel to everyone’s favorite Christmas film, The Princess Switch is here now with 33 percent more Vanessa Hudgens.

When Duchess Margaret unexpectedly inherits the throne & hits a rough patch with Kevin, it’s up to Stacy to save the day before a new lookalike — party girl Fiona — foils their plans.

The Princess Switch: Switched Again
The Princess Switch: Switched Again

Release: 2020-11-19

Genres: Comedy, Family, Romance, Drama

Casts: Suanne Braun, Grant Fergusson, Lachlan Nieboer, Jess Fergusson, Mark Fleischmann

Duration: 97 min

Country: United States of America, United Kingdom

Production: Motion Picture Corporation of America, Brad Krevoy Productions

Here we go. The Princess Switch: Switched Again sees Duchess Margaret, Vanessa Hudgens, unexpectedly inheriting the throne to Montanaro while hitting a rough patch with her beau, Kevin. So it’s up to her double Stacey, Vanessa Hudgens again, to save the day.

However, a third lookalike, Margaret’s evil cousin, Lady Fiona, yet another Vanessa Hudgens, disguises herself as Margaret in a scheme to steal the throne.

Make sense? Merry Christmas.

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